Accordion Tea Holder

Accordion Tea Holder

Simple Boxes & Mini Card

This is an amazing little accordion style box tea, treat, gift or ephemera holder. Can be made any size but each little accordion fold holds the item snugly in place. 

Also great for using scraps as the accordion takes less paper than a pocket.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 3.25″x11″ card stock (box)
  • 2 2″x4.5″ cards stock strips (accordion)
  • 5 2″x3.25″ cards (separators) (I used card stock)
  • 1 1″x9″ (bellyband)

A little less than 3″x6″ for the mini card, as long as it is square.

Score the box at 3.25″, 4.25″, 7.5″ and 8.5″, the leftover will be your top flap.

Score each accordion at 1/2″ intervals from beginning to end. Fold back and forth with the first fold going away from you, be sure your pattern is going the way you want it to. Glue the first 2″x3.25″ to the inside of the accordion so the flaps are facing away from you and then glue a separator card to every other fold of the accordion. Glue the last separator to the front flap of the accordion. You should have 4 spaces.

After decorating your box and card glue the back of the accordion slightly above the spine fold on the backside of the box, be sure to center and align well. The accordion should fit with the edges of the box. Flip the box and glue the front of the accordion to the back of the front of the box. 

You can create any type of closure for this box but I chose a simple belly band. I love how elegant this box package is and how versatile too as the accordion can be made thinner or wider. I plan on doing these as treat and tea holders combined and mini gift holders too as they can hold little soaps, face mask pouches and about a gazillion other things. Your card and box is all done in one swoop.

These boxes are so cute with a ready made little card to include. My sentiment is “Enjoy The Little Things.”  I wanted zero bulk but I still might add a little rhinestone to the center of the flower.

If you need any tutorial help this video by Brenda Quintana is included. My version is slightly different. I hope this inspires you to create mini gift boxes like this and make them as simple or as elaborate as you want.

Tip: The accordion length is determined by the width of the spine. I wanted 4 spaces or pockets so my accordion length was 4″ with an extra 1/2″ for the last flap and separator card. My spine is 1″.

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