Baby Makes Three

Baby Makes Three

Going Astray

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a new baby card to send. I had been searching for days for inspiration and then I remembered some fabulous dimensional letters I picked up from the Dollar Tree a long time ago. The perfect serif font for a child or baby and I wanted to make some baby blocks for them. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any paper that came close to matching that was appropriate for a baby. A quick search on Amazon for some letter dies didn’t pan out either. And then I had the idea for a shaker card but the hearts were too small to show up as I had hoped so in the end I opted for sweet and simple. I knew I couldn’t attempt lining the hearts up on top of slippery glue on the back of the vellum, (I never get anything straight) but I wish I would’ve arranged them differently to fill the space. I decided on an embellishment in the second picture.

I love my inspiration pieces below, so adorable.

You should've seen my craft room when finished as I changed my mind several times, a flurry of paper for sure but at least I have a lot of die cut hearts on hand now. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow!

I hope these designs inspire you when making your next new arrival card. 

Happy paper crafting!

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