Chocolate Treat Envelopes

Chocolate Treat Envelopes

Tasty Gift Giving

I’ve always been impressed by the creative paper crafters out there, namely the scrapbook makers and card makers, especially those invited to be design team members for major suppliers and they never cease to amaze me with the things they create with paper.

I’ve been looking outside the usual sources for different paper projects that anyone might like to try and this one hit the mark. Made from one sheet of 6×6″ double sided paper, a few scores and folds and no glue necessary.

Since I had a few snowflakes already on hand from card making I just used some scrap paper and created this one. It is a little hard to tell from the photo but it holds two chocolates and is the perfect size for tea as well.

I am going to post the link from the creator blog post at Dannie’sDesigns as her score board is a little different than mine and you might find it easier to work from her directions, video and pattern. 

This is a paper craft that anyone can do and I hope it inspires you to share with those who aren’t everyday paper crafters but just want to do a little something extra special for gift giving by making it themselves.

Happy crafting!

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