Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts

Christmas brings out the creativity in all of us. Who doesn't remember the kitchen table piled high with ribbon, bows, glitter and glue as Christmas season got underway? Maybe it was the handmade gifts you created as a kid or the last minute stocking stuffer that brought out the creative genius in you at 4PM on Christmas Eve. Whatever the memory I hope your creative spirit thrives this Christmas and that some of these ideas might inspire you.

Christmas hidden paper clips.

Christmas journal cards made with vintage paper.

Christmas polaroids with  faux washi.

And some quick Christmas cards, some created with store bought tags.

Enjoy the tutorials and happy paper crafting!

 How to lift magazine text with tape (Christmas polaroids). 


This journal card series began with old photos but all of the ideas can be modified for Christmas creating. 


Christmas doesn't have to be expensive or ornate. It just has to be made with love. 

Merry Christmas!


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