Christmas Tea Envelopes - Create With Me

Christmas Tea Envelopes - Create With Me

Christmas Tea

A Christmas tea or treat envelope set. A new create with me video tutorial and a thank you gift for subscribers and viewers.


What you’ll need:

Page of your choice from Christmas Tea Envelopes 



The closure can be anything you desire, a ribbon, a glue dot, velcro or a fancy paper clip.

Envelopes are a simple paper craft that anyone can make. I hope this inspires those who don’t feel that they are crafty how easy it is to create simple envelopes and pockets with just one sheet of paper. It only takes a rectangle and three folds. Try tracing with a round object to create an envelope flap or using a pair of decorative scissors to cut a triangle like a standard envelope. Use decorative paper and make a simple pocket of any depth and there you have a simple but pretty envelope that you created yourself.

Happy paper crafting!

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