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Collage Cards

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I’ve been toying with the idea of collage cards for quite a while. I kind of missed the idea of non-fussiness when it comes to card making and had a bunch of little pieces of ephemera that I wanted to use. 

I also purchased a new paper stack that is completely out of my comfort zone with barely a vintage tone so before I create more paper scraps I wanted to use what I already have.

These cards are made from my pre-cut paper stack only this time I decided to do a series. I think I will just package them in a pretty folder and send them as a gift. 

Below is just one of my inspiration pieces.

Tim Holtz

These pre-cut pieces are similar to surprise cuts which are a lot of fun and they came from this kit, Herb Garden. I did a post on how I reduced my paper stash greatly by doing this which you can find here. After gathering ephemera I just came up with a composition that was pleasing for each card. I embossed as well to add and extra touch. They are backed with book pages which I find gives enough strength to prevent cracking when embossing when using digitals printed on copy paper. This also saves card stock.

These stamps are from the Dollar Tree and I was also pleasantly surprised at how well they stamped, the photos didn’t really capture how crisp they are but they did stamp really well.

This idea can be expanded for a card, tag set or both to reduce your stash in a hurry. I hope these designs inspire you to try a series. 

Happy paper crafting!


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