Collage Your Labels

Collage Your Labels

A different motif

There are a lot of different things you can do with labels as shown in previous posts. 

Here, I demonstrate just one way to collage with labels from that first post. 

I’ve done this before for a masculine gift card tag and with many different types of labels and stamps. Since the idea seemed a natural for using Tim Holtz paper dolls at first I thought that is what I would do but then I decided to use some Tim Holtz tissue paper instead.

I also chose to use the tonal sets from 273 Vintage Labels rather than the color set. A few from the color set were accents only. For this pink rose I chose the sepia labels only as my background motif. In this instance I used gesso after placing the tissue paper and then added the stencil. For the yellow rose I used the black and white labels and then added gesso before the tissue paper. On the yellow tag the accent labels are muted green, I don’t know why the camera didn’t quite capture that. I arranged the labels of different sizes and shapes both vertically and horizontally until my tag was covered.

If I used blank labels I might have either stamped or mini collaged on them before arranging, I have many sheets of those also. I think collage with sepia or black and white would also make a great master board if you can picture the idea in a different, larger version, tissue paper on top would be stunning. You can also try them as journal cards or any other ephemera. I began the nautical theme one as shown below in a new video and finished it later.

I hope this inspires you to try collaging with labels to see what you can create.

Happy paper crafting!

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