Creating With Wax Paper

Creating With Wax Paper

Learn new and unique wax paper techniques. 

I've been experimenting with wax paper for several weeks now and have come up with many ideas including lamination, faux glassine, printing, faux resin and how to emboss to create a wax gild type metal finish or an ice like effect.

You can glue and emboss wax paper to make a sturdier bag as shown below.

You can also crinkle and double the wax paper to create a glassine like effect.
This technique led to more experimenting with wax paper and creative ways on how to use it including die cutting, embossing, inking and print transfers using your die cutting machine.
Another thing you can do with wax paper is layer it to create the illusion of space which resulted in a faux resin technique without the wait time, the expense or the mess.
Finally you can emboss and apply a metallic finish with acrylic or another type medium to create these wonderful embellishments or ornaments.
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Happy paper crafting!

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