DIY Wax Vellum

DIY Wax Vellum

Super Easy DIY Wax Vellum

Vellum paper is a beautiful addition to any paper project. I came up with a super easy way to make wax vellum that requires very few supplies. 

All you will need is a wax candle, some parchment paper, a few other sheets for blotting, a hot iron and your design.

You’ll be amazed at how beautiful the colors in your papers become using this technique. The wax melts in to the paper so no need to worry about the wax crumbling or cracking and it always gives a straight beautiful cut. It can be glued but fabric tack is probably best for this surface.

The waxed paper is silky smooth touchable and doesn’t melt in normal temperatures making it ideal for book marks and many paper craft projects.

Below is a recent paper project using wax vellum. 

I use this technique often when I want to enhance paper for special projects and I’ve never been disappointed in the results.

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