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What can you create?
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Dress Up Your Labels

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Embellish Labels

If you are like me you have tons of labels. I just made a short video in the last post of ten things I could think of to do with labels other than just glue them. 

One of the ideas I like best was to create mini tags. I can hang these in multiples on a large pin, add them to tags or attach them to lace or fabric on a page. 

I chose my 451 French Vintage Labels for this project but any labels will do. I already have them in mini but since I wanted some even tinier I printed at 90%. You can double them for back and front. I just glued mine on heavier paper since they were already printed but you can print on card stock.

I then added lace, buttons, appliques and ribbon.


I doubled them up and created some multiple tiny tags and I did some with a different set of Vintage Labels as well. This was a great relax and craft project as the labels provided most of the design, I hope it inspires you to try some mass making. 

Happy paper crafting!

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