Easy Matchbook Treat Holder

Easy Matchbook Treat Holder

Easy Matchbook Treat Holder

Explore a fresh approach to matchbook paper crafts with this quick uncomplicated treat holder. Utilizing an inversion of the matchbook design, a simple closure is created at the top. Housing two pockets within, perfect for storing tea, treats, or happy mail. 

What you will need:

  1. 1 3.5" x 8" scrapbook or card stock paper
  2. 1 6.5" x 7" paper of your choice
  3. Scoreboard
  4. Paper punch
  5. Glue
  6. Embellishment for the front
  7. Staples/stapler

Score your 3.5" x 8" paper at 3.5" and 4". On the opposite side, score at 3/4" to form the flap.

For the 6.5" x 7" paper, place the short side at the top of the scoreboard and score at 1/2" and 3.5". Rotate and score at 3 5/8". Rotate 180º and score again at 3 5/8". This results in two scores at 3 5/8".

Fold and burnish each paper. Apply glue to the flap on your pocket paper, fold, and adhere. Punch notches on both pockets simultaneously, then fold so the glued flap faces inside, if preferred. Attach your pockets into the center fold of the matchbook, following the video tutorial. Staple the matchbook flap close to the edge to prevent catching your pockets.

Embellish the front as desired, and fill the holder with tea, treats, or ephemera. Enjoy crafting this swift and simple paper creation, perfect as an Easter favor, to nestle in an Easter basket, or present as a thoughtful gift.

Happy paper crafting!

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