Embossed Book Page Bags

Embossed Book Page Bags

Embossed Book Page Bag

While I was just wanting something new to make and had bags on my mind, a serendipitous paper choice led to a new technique. You’ll get an emboss and a deboss side and each effects the text in different ways, fun to play around with finding which effect you like best. This also makes book pages more sturdy and the text merely a design element which for the most part becomes unreadable without having to grab the gesso. It also gives a soft texture to the bag and you can make the emboss as puffy or sculptural as you want by adding more layers.


Sturdy little bag

What you’ll need:

Book pages (my book size page is 6″x9″) with about a 1/2 inch overlap it fit nicely in the embossing folder but any page size will do.

Embossing folder and machine

Napkin leftovers, tissue or toilet paper

Glue (I used glue stick)

Video Tutorial


Be sure you don't have glue leakage. 

Run your bag through your embossing machine before the emboss to ensure a good fuse of the layers. Any two glued layers virtually become one and you can barely tell there are two layers by doing this. It is not the same as placing the bag under a heavy object. Use all plates if it doesn't result in forcing your machine.

If necessary depending on the type of embossing folder you choose, place a scrap paper inside the bag to make an easy open of the bag after embossing.

You can spray dye napkins/tissue if you don't want white. 

Don't emboss your bag twice, only one pass through the machine.

Life advice, the creator's dilemma and why doesn't the shoe fit?

Sometimes when we learn something new we  conceive a notion in our mind of what something is supposed to look like but when the end result doesn't make us happy or we feel it's inadequate it doesn't necessarily mean we haven't mastered it, it may simply mean we have to go a step further and apply the knowledge in another way until we reach the point where it says me and the shoe fits.

This technique can be done with any type paper and I went on to try it with digitals.

If you don't like the contrast of white napkins or tissue you can dye your napkins and you don't have to cover the entire design but can let it peek through in areas.

You can apply this technique to any book page paper project, envelopes, pockets, tags or even a page. With the right page and embossing folder it would be lovely for wedding or party favors.

I hope it inspires you to try it. 

Happy paper crafting!


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