Faux Junk Journal Jewelry

Faux Junk Journal Jewelry

Hidden Paper Clip - Bobbi Pin Brooches

I have a previous post on making these faux junk journal brooches by using a hidden paper clip and I didn’t like the bulk the paper clip and extra layers of paper were adding so I came up with a new idea using bobbi pins.

This works so much better so I decided to do a video of the process. 

I did use one of my ladies in hats from My Fair Lady ephemera to create one of the paper clip designs, shown on the mini journal. 

This is also part of my use it or lose it scrap busting when it comes to jewels and although they take some time to piece together as far as jewel placement they are a great way to use both jewels and scraps. I hope they inspire you!

Happy paper crafting!

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