Faux Transparent Stickers – Wax Vellum Tissue Paper

Faux Transparent Stickers – Wax Vellum Tissue Paper

What began as....

This project began as some of the best scrap buster projects I have seen in a long time but wanting to follow along with one of them by using stickers I realized I didn’t have any…. what to do?

Well I knew I wanted them matte and transparent if possible, I also knew I wasn’t going to buy another item. It had been in the back of my mind to try wax on Tim Holtz paper and some other hand stamped tissue that I had lying around so I did it and the results were beyond my expectations as to how beautiful the paper turned out.

I then went on to create a variety of stickers as shown in the photo at right using digital paper ephemera Vintage Butterflies  and scrap book paper and my wax vellum technique.

I’m also happy to announce my first ever…. happy mail!! Since I don’t sell any of my paper items how long I’ve wanted to try the fabulous packages I drool over as I’m watching paper craft fair participants share their tips on videos. A someday initiative perhaps but for right now I’m just a happy paper crafter.

Well I hope you enjoy this little project if you find yourself in need of stickers but have very few as I do and since I am in the midst of seriously reducing items I will most likely never use I don’t want to add anything un-necessary at the moment. Stay tuned for the next projects.

Happy paper crafting!


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