Handmade Paper Card

Handmade Paper Card


I love handmade paper. It had been many years since I last made paper with pulp but months ago I began saving my tiny bits of paper and decided this is how I would recycle them.

I mostly used them for photo backgrounds but now that I have enough to do another set I decided to finally 'tear' in to the sheets and make a card. My next deckle is smaller so they will already be card mat size.

I had one tiny strip of handmade wax vellum and sure enough when I picked up the strip the ink wasn't dry and I smeared it a little so I hoped to disguise the smear with a chalk marker. I couldn't find a tiny enough pen eraser. I doubt the embossed part is straight either, even with texture lines to guide me. Will I ever achieve a perfect card? I hope so. I keep them anyway unless it is a huge mistake.

Another thing that didn't capture well is the card background which is gray/taupe. This card surely reminds me of our landscape now, grayed out with virtually no sign of spring appearing aside from the return of the robins. How happy I was to hear them chirping away on this warm day. 

I hope this card inspires you mistakes and all to try your hand at paper making and using the paper to achieve a lot of texture and depth. 

Happy paper crafting!

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