Heart Pockets

Heart Pockets

Heart Pockets

Create these versatile and effortlessly charming heart pockets. They can serve as journal embellishments, pocket inserts, tags, card fronts, or simple Valentines that are kid-friendly. To expedite the project, consider using pre-cut store-bought heart shapes.

Materials Needed:

  • Two hearts of identical size (Classic-style hearts are recommended.)
  • Packaging or cardstock
  • Your preferred paper
  • Glue
  • Embellishments
  1. Use a die, punch, or template to cut out two identical hearts. Opt for a sturdier material for the base heart, such as gluing design paper onto packaging before cutting.

  2. Align the second heart with the first heart, placing it upside down and on the opposite side, as demonstrated in the video.

  3. Glue the hearts together, ensuring they are securely attached. Fold over the edges to create the front pocket, securing it with a small dab of glue.

  4. Embellish the heart pocket to your liking using additional hearts, lace, buttons, bows, or bits of ephemera. Get creative and personalize the design.

  5. Fill the pocket with desired items, such as chocolates or tea, for a quick and charming last-minute Valentine's gift.

Feel free to experiment with different paper types and sizes to create variations. Layering hearts can add dimension to the ornament. Enjoy the delightful world of paper crafting!

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