Hidden Paperclip Brooches

Hidden Paperclip Brooches

Necessity Is the mother of invention

I couldn’t find a clip on earring that was suitable enough for a closure for one of my journals so I decided to try making a closure of my own fashioned after a brooch.

I chose some women’s flower faces from Nostalgic Greetings. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with these images but they were perfect for this project.

These are just circle hidden paper clips with some fake jewels and sequins glued on to them. I did these with 4 layers but I don’t think it was necessary so 3 will do with one sturdier one being on the front as it will be holding a lot of glue for the jewels. The inside layers are chip board from packaging and another part of the digital with no jewels makes up the back (not shown).

These can be made any shape, scallops, hearts, flowers, leaves or animals and now that I know it works and I’ve achieved the look I wanted I will probably do a die cut shape the next time. I think they are so adorable and I emptied my random jewel bin in no time.

A ladie’s face is not a requisite, a leaf pattern, lace pattern or gather some images of brooches for your inspiration. Embossing or texture paste would be a fabulous start. I’ll use ladie’s in hats from My Fair Lady to make the closure for my journal.

This idea just sprang out of necessity but I think it will put just the right finishing touch on my journal. I hope it inspires you to try some different materials, shapes and inspiration pieces for your hidden paper clips.

Happy paper crafting!

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