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What can you create?
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How To Use Your Embossing/Die Cutting Machine To Make Prints

Repurpose Your Machine

Embossing and die cutting offer many opportunities to take your paper crafting to new levels but you can also use this versatile machine to make prints. 

I use my embossing machine to make prints, especially on book pages to add subtle designs and textures.  I run off more than one to store for when I don't feel like stenciling multiple pages.

I have several 'plates' with flowers, leaves, simple designs. Anything that will accept and transfer ink can be used. The acetate/poly vinyl makes for a stronger plate that will last a long time, is easier to clean off smudges and align your print to where you want it on your paper.

You can block areas you don't want to print too and use the same plate to create a subtle debossing technique. You can also use these plate making techniques and print with a roller. Make your design as simple or as detailed as you want, add different colors, great for grunge or to teach children simple printing techniques.

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