Loaded Tag

Loaded Tag

Bookmark Corner

I make corner bookmarks all the time as they are so versatile for pages and embellishment spots.

In this instance I made one specifically to make a loaded tag and embellished it to the hilt being careful to highlight the beautiful flowers on my paper. I love this paper collection as even with surprise cuts I can still retain a focal point and use just one sheet to make many items.

The corner bookmark is glued on the back for extra security but they will stay snugly on a journal page corner without glue. Including a tutorial from Hanny Tromp below so you can learn how to get a perfect corner every time. 

At first I embellished it with some junk journal jewelry, it is kind of cute as an idea but probably too much for this tag.

I hope these tags inspire you to make a loaded tag filled with pretty things. 

Happy paper crafting!

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