Make Something Right Now Part II

Make Something Right Now Part II

Use Every Scrap Challenge

Spring cleaning has been making me reassess my craft habits. Not only do I have things I have never opened but my scrap paper box keeps getting fuller with each passing week. 

I decided to give myself a challenge; when I cut a sheet or sheets of paper for a project I will use every scrap as soon as possible. It does not leave my work area and it does not go in to a scrap box. 

Part I of this series shows how I tackled some uses of scraps. This week I have a showcase of how I used the small pile of scraps left over from making my accordion book that was unfinished in the last video. I also made a window coin envelope to keep inside my book to hold more loose items.

I hope these little books inspire you to keep clutter under control but also to use it up or recycle.

Make Something Right Now - Part I

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