Old Photo Journal Cards

Old Photo Journal Cards

Old Photo Journal Cards

Have you considered some unique sources to create journal cards? This was an inspired idea to use old photos as a journal card. I ordered a lot of vintage photos on Ebay and fell in love with the photos themselves and the possibilities. There are as many ways to adorn them as there are occasions to use them. 

What you'll need:

Old photos

Embellishments (your choice)

Paper for backing if you choose to back yours.

Scrap paper or fabric for tabs.

Eyelets or staples


Invisible tape or any clear tape for faux Washi tape.

This week includes two inspired ideas and one is how to quickly create some faux washi tape by using many types of papers. I had the best luck with digitals and magazines but I discovered an interesting technique when using book pages. Try many different types of papers. 

I embellished my photos with a paper tab, eyelets, staples, a paper label charm, some faux washi and some text strips to add a touch of color. 

If you decide to back your photos for extra stability you can. 

I hope this inspires you to look through your old photos, make copies if you don't want to use originals or order a lot of your own.

Happy paper crafting!

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