One Of The Most Ingenious Ways I Saved A Disappointing Product Purchase

One Of The Most Ingenious Ways I Saved A Disappointing Product Purchase

More Mass Making And Organization

Like the glitter that never gets vacuumed it seems it took forever to clear my craft room of Christmas crafts but I think I finally managed to put away the last Christmas item and I am happy to be moving on to a much neater space.

I completed card two from my pre cut paper stack and so far it has been a lot of fun. I used one of my word sets that I created with a die and stamp set that didn't give me the results I wanted without a fix and maybe this tip will help you too.

Products That Disappointed

I got an Alina Cuttle die cut and stamp set as shown below but couldn't get it to stamp for the life of me so I went to the computer and created a template from the die to create my own word set and so far that has worked a lot better. I wanted that product for a long time and have seen many people using it but after several tries and wasting too much paper to get a poor stamp result I gave up. I used several inks and a stamp platform but it just wouldn't stamp perfectly. I don't want to give up on the product yet so I might try a shim to see if that helps as obviously many have no issues with the set.

Also when I accidentally set the stamp on the plastic shield all of the words peeled completely off making reading the stamps very difficult. I don't know if I am going to just cut them apart or not but I was disappointed after seeing so many using this popular item.

Below is a copy of the template. I thought about offering it as a download or even a product but it might be a trademark violation so I'll hold off on that but a helpful tip for anyone else having the same issues. Just scan the die cut or the sheet after cutting and then make your template with whatever program you think might work, I just used photoshop. 

Products That Pleased

Now on to a product I was happy with for mass making. I am sure I will get a lot of use out of this punch and it wasn't that expensive. It is a three style decorative corner punch that is available Amazon. Be sure to get the Zetto brand as the other identical one but different brand seemed to have more poor reviews although they are probably from the same supplier. For $10 I was expecting a cheap punch but it is pretty heavy and seems well made. My first punch was with copy paper, not the best weight for a try out but it worked perfectly. I'll use this to make pretty labels on the fly out of my card stock scraps. I am sure it will also work for tags but maybe not large ones.

To date this has been a satisfying journey toward making my paper craft time more enjoyable with better results and less waste.

I hope these tips might inspire you to explore mass making shortcuts

What tips can you share for mass making?

Share on FB, or in comments I'd love to hear them.

Happy crafting!

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