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One Sheet Wonder

One Sheet Wonder

Travel Book

I’m finally back, feeling much better and have begun another autumn travel book as we’ll probably take a day trip or two to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery. I saw this project from pinkstrawberryz and decided to modify it for myself. Her gorgeous mini album was made with 6×6″ paper packs but I made mine with one sheet of 12×12″. 

I added a signature and it has some re-use items, a salvaged greeting card front for a card in the center pocket. It also has a technique I wanted to try to mimic the look of letterpress from Christine Stokes.

I guess it wasn’t too bad having to take it easy and catch up on video watching because I got a lot of inspiration. I’m including two videos here just because I did manage to do one little project even though I was still feeling under the weather. A cute little matchbook pocket that I learned how to make from Ceri the Crafter.

My husband was a dear and took over the shops for me while I was recuperating. I know I’ve said it a lot in recent videos but please be aware of humidity if your craft room is in the basement like mine is. I am extremely allergic to mold and developed this sensitivity issue after a major flood in my area 25 years ago. For some reason we turned off the dehumidifiers a few months ago and it wasn’t until I couldn’t breathe and got hives that I recognized the problem. Often you can’t see it or smell it but especially after flooding (Ian), when in doubt throw it out. All is fine, dehumidifiers back on, air filtered and treated with ozone and back to normal.

Well a lot of catch up work to do  but I am very happy to be back on my feet and back to my craft room and this zippy little book was a lot of fun. I’ll be trying the 6×6″ mini for sure.

Happy paper crafting!


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