Smart Organization

This has been a light craft week, only a card or two but mostly getting organized. I guess with fall quickly approaching I’ve become like a squirrel and I’m storing my food for the winter and that means attacking stored paper scraps that haven’t been getting a lot of use as of late.

Originally I thought it was a good idea to organize my torn paper shapes by color. I still do but I realized my most used colors still remain neutrals. For other colors I wanted a better idea and since I fell in love with my label shapes I decided to keep up with the theme but this time on patterned paper for the most part. I also show in the video how I used a silhouette stamp to make colors and patterns I don’t like so much more usable for me because apparently throwing away a scrap is not an option.

I happily spent one or two evenings of another busy week just cutting and organizing my new shapes. I share a couple of ideas on how I plan to use them. I think this will be going along with the idea to make something right now so these scraps don’t get out of hand in the first place. Along with paper charms, little trinket books, pocket borders, torn paper collages, torn page tabs and lace treasures, I think I’ve found a niche for using scraps that is more suitable to my style and therefore more likely to get used. Some of those projects are in previous blog posts. The last tiny scraps from these will be going toward paper making (pulp) as I really love DIY paper.

I hope this idea helps you to tailor your scraps to your style and usage as well as helping you find new ways to use your scraps. All of these projects also helped me gain foresight as to how I can plan ahead while creating less waste, making better use of my craft budget and having the time and items on hand for paper crafts I really enjoy.

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