Shabby Flowers Butterfly Book

Shabby Flowers Butterfly Book

What's on my desk....

I had a stack of craft paper scraps on my desk so I decided to make a little journal prompt book that showcases tinged edge shabby flowers with them.

Since the paper was for a book template and already folded and sized after making a wider spine score I began with Vintage Stamps - Butterflies and collaged the cover. The spine score wasn’t really necessary but originally I was going to paste the flower inside. I’ve been wanting to make a flower showcase book and that was my first idea to use up these scraps, change of plans once I decided to highlight the shabby flower like a specimen.

I then punched a hole and stamped the inside. I carefully aligned the hole punch out to paste on top of my journal prompt envelope and pasted the envelope to the inside. This is where I pasted my shabby flower after the book was almost fully constructed.

I then added my journal prompt to the envelope underside and the book was nearly finished. A spine reinforcement made from coffee dyed tracing paper, a few little embellishments and it was finished.

While it is a little wider than a pocket it can still be easily clipped to a journal page and adding the little journal prompt was a nice addition for creating a hidden note. I love the vibrancy of these butterfly stamps and they gave me a unique color palette to to create with. 

Next time I think I’ll make a little notebook to attach to the inside and use the circle punch cut out as a top cover for the notebook, maybe even turn the book sideways and pop the flower right in the center of the book cover, that would make a beautiful little desk notebook, recycling the clutter on my desk and making it something beautiful and useful at the same time.


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