Simple Bind Mini Board Book – Collage Book

Simple Bind Mini Board Book – Collage Book

Just For Fun

I hope everyone is enjoying the last months of summer. I have been out and about spending time with my family and taking a few little trips here and there and I’ve attended my very first Arts & Crafts Fair. I don’t know what I was expecting but it exceeded my expectations as far as craftsmanship and while I didn’t see the paper crafts I was expecting it was a lot of fun. 

This week I have combined a few simple projects just for fun and one is really just an idea from Ceri The Crafter and that is a collage book that I thought was just the ticket for on the go paper crafting. The other is a very simple, lie flat board book. I am including the tutorial I found here… beautiful examples from Gabbing With Grammee, I bet that was a fun class.

My combination is a board book that is just for play and quick collage. In the next video I plan on creating  storage space in the board book for your collected ephemera, an on the go fun book. I can also see adding coloring pages in this type of book if you desire.

Both the collage book idea and the simple project were a lot of fun and I am going to do the board book again with single sided paper, a great way to avoid having to print both sides or come up with a way to decorate the blank side of your printouts and a great way to make a book if journaling isn’t for you. As suggested in the tutorial; great for a baby memory book, a sticker book for kids or a travel folio.

I chose Oddities Digital Paper Collection. I don’t know why but combining these odd little advertisements from yesteryear images with quirky added text amuses me so it is my little fun book and I get to practice my collaging.

I hope you’ll give the board book a try, it’s simple and a lot of fun to make a sturdy book with your own plan for it in mind.

Happy paper crafting!


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