Specimen Cards – Scrapbuster

Specimen Cards – Scrapbuster

Paper crafter on a mission

I thought it was time to reduce the scrap hoard before the heavy paper crafting season begins so I have been binge watching scrap busting videos.

I found this nice one from Paper Terrace and came up with my own versions to create similar.

These can be assembled with a production line and what you will need are scraps of all kinds in the following sizes:

  • 4×4″
  • 3×3″
  • 2×2″
  • 1×2″ (dominoes)

After assembling your stack with the three sizes centered, it is time to embellish with stickers, labels and whatever other ephemera you might have. You can also ink stamp. Since the original video used stickers I made my own faux stickers out of tissue paper and scrapbook paper as shown in a previous post….

These 4×4″ specimen cards/tiles can become a master board or they can be cut in to smaller tiles using surprise cuts with dies or cut out by hand. Whatever you choose you will have a variety of options to use your scraps.

This is also a fun little collage play for increasing your collage skills by going beyond the standard 3-5 items. Try pushing your collage skills to 7 items or more so if you do cut them into smaller tiles there is interest on each tile.

A collage paper pack product sample is offered below, a nice background for trying your own specimen cards or making your own wax vellum stickers. 

Happy paper crafting!

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