Stencil Masterboards - Winter Crafting Fun!

Stencil Masterboards - Winter Crafting Fun!

Stencil Masterboards - Winter Crafting Fun!

Transform lackluster backgrounds into something new with a common craft room tool. This winter project, suitable for all skill levels, incorporates two surprise cuts for added excitement, using stencils to create a stunning design.

**Materials Needed:**
- Two stencils (one for a focal point and one for the background)
- A sturdy base for your masterboard
- Glue or glue stick
- Scissors
- Ink

1. Choose one or two colored background papers. Randomly stencil your focal point over the chosen background paper. Fill blank spaces with the pattern stencil, leaving some negative space as the background paper will also act as filler.

2. Turn the paper over and cut it into various-sized strips using scissors or a paper trimmer. Tearing is also an option if you prefer a different texture.

3. Glue the cut pieces onto your background base. Don't overthink the design but aim for a balanced look if you've chosen two colors.

4. After securing the pieces, determine the final size of your cuts. Turn the paper with the design side down and add surprise cuts.

5. Use the pattern stencil to fill in any sparse areas.

6. Embellish as desired with tab tops, punches, ribbon, or decorative corners. Winter journals can be enhanced with leaves, twigs, berries, or other appropriate stencils in colors of your choice.

7. Enjoy your paper crafting adventure!

This creative and easy project is perfect for crafting winter-themed journals. Experiment with different elements and colors to make it uniquely yours.

Happy crafting!

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