Tea Time & Treats

Tea Time & Treats

A little something...

I thought I would modify this simple little pocket fold from Crafty Journal and turn it in to something new. 

It will hold some tea and a little Easter chocolate treat for my daughter.

I modified the size as it was a 12×12″ and used card stock but the card stock wasn’t really necessary as the paper gets doubled. Any scrapbook paper will do. Since the tea bag is 3″ my measurements were 9″x 8.5″, scored at 3″ and 6″ so a letter size will work fine. I did two scores in the middle (middle is 4.25") to create a 1/2" spine. 

The only other real modification was that since I made a base and didn’t have the fold left at the bottom it had to be glued or the tea bags will fall out. I scored everything prior to folding.

I hope this inspires you to try to modify other paper crafts to suit your own purpose. It’s a fun way to keep your creativity flowing instead of just copying. 

Happy paper crafting!


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