Three Piece Set 12x12's #6

Three Piece Set 12x12's #6

Three Piece Set 12x12

Create a simple yet charming three-piece set comprising a folio, ephemera holder, and pocket. Mix and match paper designs to enhance visual interest.

Materials Needed:

  • One 12×12" scrapbook paper, double-sided (non-directional works best). Trim 3" off one side, leaving two pieces for the project.
  • Scoreboard or scoring tool
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Start with your 3"x9" paper. Score it at 2 3/4", 6", and 9 1/4". Fold and adhere as demonstrated in the tutorial.

Next, score your 9×12" paper at 3/4", 5 1/4", and 9 1/2". Rotate the paper so the 3/4" score is at the bottom, then score it at 4". Fold, cut, and glue according to the tutorial's instructions.

This three-piece set adds an adorable touch to your 12×12 collection of projects.

Happy paper crafting!


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