Tim Holtz Style Yearbook Photo Cards

Tim Holtz Style Yearbook Photo Cards

Tim Holtz Style Yearbook Photo Cards

Creating 1942 yearbook photo cards for window pockets is a delightful and nostalgic project. Follow these steps to make Tim Holtz-style cards with minimal fuss:

Materials Needed:

  1. Cardstock weight bases (2"x3" size)
  2. Yearbook or other portrait-style photos from 1942
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Embellishments (e.g., stamps, washi tape)
  6. Optional: Faux washi, tabs, window envelopes, tags, pocket journal cards


  1. Gather Materials: Collect all the necessary materials before you begin, ensuring you have enough cardstock, photos, glue, and embellishments.

  2. Choose and Prepare Photos: Select yearbook or portrait-style photos from 1942. If needed, trim them to fit the 2"x3" cardstock bases.

  3. Arrange Composition: Start by deciding where you want to place your main photo on the cardstock base. Consider the overall composition and layering. You can create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement by layering papers, tickets, or other ephemera.

  4. Layering and Embellishing: Layer the chosen elements on the cardstock base. Feel free to add stamps, washi tape, or faux washi for extra texture and detail. Be creative with your embellishments to capture the Tim Holtz style.

  5. Tabs and Tags: Include tabs for a finishing touch. You can create these from additional pieces of cardstock or use pre-made tabs. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to complement your design. If you have window envelopes, make window journal cards, tags, or pocket journal cards to add variety to your project.

  6. Secure Elements: Once you're satisfied with the composition, use glue to secure each element in place. Ensure that everything is well-adhered for a polished look.

  7. Optional Vintage Theme: If you enjoy this project, consider using vintage yearbook photos for other themed paper crafts. For example, create passports, ID cards, or any other imaginative projects that resonate with the vintage aesthetic.

  8. Enjoy Your Finished Cards: Your 1942 yearbook photo cards with window pockets are now ready. Display them, use them as bookmarks, or incorporate them into your scrapbooking projects. Happy paper crafting!

This project allows you to combine the charm of vintage photos with creative layering and embellishments, resulting in unique and personalized yearbook photo cards.

Happy paper crafting!


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