One Of The Most Versatile Punches I’ve Ever Found For Mass Making

One Of The Most Versatile Punches I’ve Ever Found For Mass Making

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A quick post about one of the most versatile products I’ve run across in a long time. Makes me wish I was still and Amazon affiliate but I am not. I briefly mentioned in the last post but thought I’d give a further preview.

I had been searching for a long time for a decorative versatile design corner punch that would allow for any length or width to no avail. I ran across one that had a center punch button but I don’t like those very much as not only are they hard to punch but you can’t be sure your corner is aligned perfectly so the idea was on hold. 

And then I noticed this in my last search and quickly ordered. 

A fabulous punch. No more having to get out the die cut machine for a fancier label or tag. I rarely rave about a product but surprisingly heavy and seems well made… While there was another store selling and I am sure same supplier this brand got better reviews for some reason so posting it as well. On Amazon. And a great deal, $10 with prime. It’s not tiny either, about 2.5×3″

I had such an easy time mass making that I had to stop as I didn’t want to punch all of my scraps before they had an actual piece to go on.

I have never seen these on the market and I browse a lot so I hope you will find this post valuable.

Happy Crafting!

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